1. Karima ___________ tired.
a) be
b) is
c) has
d) have

2. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday it __________ Tuesday.
a) were
b) is
c) be
d) was

3. Anvar ___________ English, Spanish and a bit of French.
a) speaks
b) speak
c) speaking
d) is speaking

4. She always said that when she grew up she wanted to be _________.
a) a doctor
b) doctor
c) the doctor

5. I have left my book in ______ and I would like you to get it for me.
a) the kitchen
b) a kitchen
c) kitchen
6. The plane is due to arrive 19.25.
a) at
b) on
c) in

7. There are a few shops the end of the street.
a) on
b) at
c) in

8. Find the missing words: On 1776 the … colonies on the … coast got their independence from …
a) Thirty / Atlantic / Great Britain
b) Thirteen / Arctic / Australia
c) Three hundred / Pacific / Australia
d) Thirteen / Atlantic / Great Britain

9. Translate the words. Illuminations; tight – rope walker; to walk on stilts:
a) Kashfiyot; dorboz; sayir qilmoq
b) Kashfiyot; arqon; uloqtirmoq
c) Yoritish; dorboz; cho‘p oyoqda yurish
d) Yoritish; arqon; sayir qilmoq

10. Translate the sentences. Mening o‘qituvchim kitoblarni yoq­tirishini aytdi.
a) My teacher says they like books
b) My teacher said I like books
c) My teacher says he like books
d) My teacher said he likes books

Dilfuza AZIMOVA,
Namangan shahridagi 31-umumta’lim maktabining ingliz tili fani o‘qituvchisi